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Drain Cleaning
& Hydro-Jetting Drain Pipes

Just 1 Plumbing is a plumbing contractor offering 24-7 repair services to:

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Clogged Drains

On a daily basis, our drains can get clogged with waste such as oil, food, hairs and any other materials that we wash away in our homes. This causes obstructions in our pipes that over time may result in busted or broken pipes.

A technician from JUST 1 PLUMBING can help you so that this problem does not become a greater one, by paying attention to the following signs:

• Toilets are not flushing waste properly
• Showers, sinks and bath tubs take too long to empty
• There are bad scents coming from the drains
• Water is coming up from sinks, showers, bathing tubs.

Hydro-Jetting Drain Pipes

Continuous problems caused by clogged pipes can sometimes become unmanageable for clients, as most plumbers use the snake drain which is a well-known method but which gives good results only in cases of minor obstructions.

The definite and ecological solution for clogged pipes is Hydro-Jetting.

Hydro-Jetting Drain Pipes

Hydro-Jetting is a process that uses a special hose with high water/hydraulic pressure in 360 degrees that allows cleaning the inner surfaces of the pipes, thus eliminating from them, all residual and waste materials.

For years, plumbers have used cable machines and cold water jets to unclog pipes. Technology has changed and at JUST 1 PLUMBING we have new equipment that cleans pipes with hot water.

When we use hot water jetter, pipes are cleaner and stay cleaner longer that when we used cold water jetters and or a cable rodding machine. Hot water jetting is not only cost-effective but makes the cleaning easier and faster with less mess.

The equipment used in commercial and residential lines is very important. we used only the best equipment. It is important to not hurt the pipes.

Benefits from Using Hydro-Jetting

Definite Solution

Cleaning with a water flow that circulates in 360 degrees provides a definite solution and not just a temporary one.

Guaranteed Effectiveness

The high water/hydraulic pressure guarantees the removal of the most difficult of obstructions, including grease, tree roots, debris, etc.

Fast Solution

The powerfulness of our equipment brings about a rapid solution in piping, and it can be used both for external as well as internal piping lines of your property.

Deep Cleans and Removes

• Grease
• Hair

• Soils
• Fat

• Roots


• Residential
• Restaurants
• Food Services
• Grocery Store

• Hotels
• Apartments
• Commercial
• Building

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